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Google Analytics Cookie


These cookies are used to collect information about how the users utilize My Style Bags website (for example, the time and the day on which occurred the visit, any previous visits to the site by the same visitor, the site of origin, etc.). This information is used by My Style Bags in order to improve the website.

For more information, please refer to Google Analtytics Privacy Policy.




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Prestashop and Google Analytics Cookie

ICO uses a third-party service, Incapsula, to filter out malicious requests. This service may set the following cookies: 

- incap_ses_* - expires at the end of your session

- visid_incap_* - expires after two years


By visiting the My Style Bags site, with your browser set up in a way that enables it to accept cookies, or by using devices or mobile applications, by indicating that you want to use the products and services of My Style Bags, all you need to do is agree to the use of cookies and other technologies necessary to visualise them, as described in this disclosure. The following section explains how to modify your browser settings in order for you to be notified when you receive a new cookie or to allow you to disable cookies. 
Cookies are identifiers that are transferred onto your device once you agree to allow our systems to recognise your device; they also enable you to save items in your shopping cart between visits. Whatsoever reference to the My Style ‘site’ includes our websites, devices and mobile applications. For any additional information on the data controllers with regard to your personal data, please go to the Privacy Policy section. 
Cookies are also used for other purposes, such as: 
identifying you when you log onto our sites. In this way, we can provide you with advice on our products and make other functions and personalised services available to you.
keeping track of your preferences & of items that have been saved in your shopping cart. 
Cookies advise you to take advantage. For example, if you block or disable our cookies, you won’t be able to navigate our site, add items to your shopping cart, proceed to check out or use any products or services of My Style Bags that may request your log in. 
In order to render services more effective and user-friendly, this site uses cookies. Therefore, when visiting the site, a minimum amount of information on the user’s device is inserted, such as text files called ‘cookies’, which are saved on the user’s web browser. There are different genres of cookies, however the main objective of a cookie is to assist the site in functioning more effectively and to enable certain functionalities. 

Cookies are used in order to improve the user’s global navigation. More specifically, 
• they enable you to navigate from one page to another on the site in an efficient manner
• they memorise the user’s name and preferences
• they allow you to refrain from inserting the same information (such as user name and password) many times during a visit
• they measure the use of services on the part of users, in order to optmize the navigation experience and the services
• they present advertising information with regard to the interests and behavior demonstrated by the user during navigation.

There are different genres of cookies. Hereunder there are tips on cookies, which may be used on the site with a description of the purpose linked to the use. 


These kinds of cookies are prerequisite in order to ensure the correct functioning of certain areas on the site. Cookies in this category include persistent and session cookies. In the absence of these cookies, the site or certain areas of the site may not function properly. Therefore, they are always used, regardles of the user’s preferences. Cookies in this category are also sent by our domain. 


Cookies of this genre are used in order to gather information on the use of the site. The holder uses such information to analyse statistics, to improve the site and simplify use and to monitor the correct functionality. This kind of cookie gathers information on the site users’ activity, on the way in which they logged onto the site and on the pages visited, in an anonymous manner. Cookies in this category are sent by the site itself or by third-party domains. 
Our site uses Google Analytics, which provides statistics with regard to the site’s performance via the use of cookies. In order to consult the Google Analytics service private policy, visit the following page 


The internet site can use the Google Adwords and Google Remarketing programme, both of which are managed by Google Inc. The monitoring function of the AdWords conversions also uses cookies. In order to assist us in keeping track of conversions, a cookie is added to a user’s computer when the user clicks on an announcement. This cookie lasts for 30 days and it neither gathers, nor monitors information that personally identifies a user. Users may disable Google conversion monitoring cookies in the browser setting. In some cases, cookies may cause problems when one accesses or during navigation inside your AdWords account. If this occurs, the most effective way to rectify the problem is to empty the cache and eliminate the cookies saved by your internet browser. 

For additional information, visit the following site 

The user may disable Google analytics cookies by downloading a browser plug in available at the following url


The site may use Facebook Inc. cookies in order to monitor the progress of Facebook Ads campaigns and remarketing actions. Click here for further information regarding the use of Facebook cookies


Cookies of this genre are used to gather information about the use of the website by users, website keywords, websites visited and the site traffic of visitors for marketing campaigns. The holder may use this information to compile reports and improve the site. Cookies gather information in an anyonmous manner and cookies of this genre are sent by the site itself or by third-party domains. 


Cookies of this genre are used in order to integrate third-party functionality into the site (for example, modules for social network comments or icons that advise visitors to share the content of the site). Cookies in this category may be sent by partner site domains that provide the functionality present in the site. 
The holder is not liable to request the consent of the user for technical cookies, as these are strictly necessary for the provision of services. For other types of cookies, permission may be given by the user, conforming to the law in force, via specific browser configurations and information or device programmes, which are user-friendly. The holder reminds the user that he / she may modify preference related to cookies at whatsoever time. The latter may also disable cookies from one’s browser at any time, however this may prevent the user from using certain areas of the site. 


The site contains links to other websites that are in possession of a privacy disclosure. These disclosures may differ from that adopted by the owner, who therefore doesn’t respond to third-party sites. 
As per article 122, second subparagraph of D. Lgs 196/2003, agreement to use such cookies is expressed by the interested party via individual settings that he / she has selected for the browser used in order to navigate the site, whereas the user may, at any time, inform the holder of his intention with regard to the use of data through cookies that the brower itself initially accepted. 
The user may express his / her wish to refuse the registration of cookies on one’s hard disk, by configuring the navigation browser to disable cookies. Discover how to disable cookies on main browsers by clicking here ChromeFirefoxInternet ExplorerSafariOpera
Following this procedure, however, certain web page functions may not be performed correctly.